Lessons From Music

By Hayes B. Won

I don't know a person who didn't wish they knew how to play music, wether they want to start a band, play at a BBQ or around a campfire, with friends and family. Learning to play can be fun and rewarding. Sometimes you need lessons to learn the guitar piano or keyboard. Yes it can be frustrating. but when you first play something on your own it feels really good. Even better when you can get together with friends and make some music.

The first instrument I learned to play was called a tone flute, It was made of black plastic and I loved it, I spent hours after music class blowing out some horrible tunes but I could, and still can play twinkle twinkle at the drop of a hat, I learned to play music and I found it to be very enjoyable I never thought much of it then but that tone flute had a profound effect on my life.

Since 1985 when I learned to read music from my music teacher Mr. Wagner, I have enjoyed music everyday. I don't remember much about the man who taught me other then he wore too much polyester. I was five years old and I still remember his lessons. EVERY GOOD BOY DOES FINE if you remember that you can read music. Thanks to Mr. Wagner.

I digress, what I'm saying is that learning music has shown to be crucial in my life. I have gotten untold enjoyment from it. I think if a child isn't give the opportunity to learn music they are really missing out. A good education can be great when music is in the curriculum.

When budgets get cut it seems that musical education is one of the first things to go. That stinks! If your a parent or a student or you know someone who wants to learn you still can. You can find great lessons for the keyboard piano or guitar. You just have to take the time to learn. - 31872

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Simple Guitar Lessons for Beginners

By Rick Dupont

The best way to learn to play a musical instrument is using the practice that you can enjoy. Learning to play an instrument can be very rewarding, but the experience can also become frustrating if you slog your way through the musical scales to the extent that you start hating them. There is enough information available online regarding every aspect of playing guitar, however all this information is quite scattered and is not suitable for novices. Learning the anatomy of guitar is the first lesson of beginner's course, and it is essential to know the common functions and names of different parts of the guitar.

There are also other scales important to learn about including the blues scale, whole tone scale and pentatonic scale. The minor, major, blues and pentatonic scales are the most common. To make it easier when you're first learning, make sure to break it down into smaller chunks. This helps to make things simpler and keep your mind from getting overloaded.

To get yourself started with this electric guitar lesson one of the best things you can do is practice over and over every major scale in first position. It may get a bit repetitive but you'll feel good as you see that you're starting to get the hang of things. The top number of the time signature is helpful because it tells you how many beats are in a measure. The time signature comes after the key signature.

Scales on a guitar move progressively in order of sharps or flats. For this electric guitar lesson an effective drill is to play through all the sharp scales first starting with C major and then memorize the fingering for each one. Again, with practice you're going to start noticing the differences in sounds as you go along from one scale to the next and recognize which scales need to be used during a song. Drills are necessary to help you gain skills.

Thanks to Internet, learning to play the guitar online can be tailored as per your interests, and you can learn at your own pace. These sites also have discussion forums where you can share your experience ask questions from other forum members, and also learn from their experience but keep in mind that as a beginner, it is essential to follow each lesson and step thoroughly, as playing guitar requires clear mental picture of the structure of music. - 31872

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Learn How to Play the Guitar

By Anna Cross

If you would like learn to play the guitar, well first you should obtain a guitar to rehearse on. You can learn to perform any style music using a guitar. With the guitar you can play country, rock, jazz as well as folk. You must understand that understanding the guitar will take a lot of work and tolerance. The harder you train, the better you become, and the easier it will likely be.

It will blow your mind at how much you are able to learn and how much enjoyment it will be for both you and your buddies. There are classes that are normally taught by a trainer for a typical fee. However, there are books or videos which can teach you as well. The younger that you are the simpler it can be to understand the guitar but if you happen to be on the old side don't be concerned you still can learn too. The Guitar can be mastered at any age.

Studying the basics is the key, once you have an excellent foundation your skills will increase quickly. You will find that there are video games even use the guitar. Have you ever heard of Rock Band and Guitar Hero are prime examples. Because your abilities boost so will your self-confidence.

The main advantage a guitar can offer you is self-confidence and general satisfaction you have learn to play a popular instrument. This may lead to opportunities such as forming a band or trying out for a talent show. Being able to play your pals favorite tunes will allow you to be the life of the get together.

You will simply improve in your attempts by means of practicing day after day. You will observe a similar strides weather you are playing on an acoustic guitar or even an electric, the outcome will be the same. Consider investing in maybe an amp and get a new guitar pick that you will be secure with. Always remember to try and enjoy yourself regardless how good or bad you might be. Having a excellent time will help you actually zero in on the good points about actively playing the guitar. Before long, folks will probably be praising how great you might be. A long shot could be a successful job as a musician, sometimes you just don't know. Give yourself one of the best chance possible and help to make your experience a rewarding one. - 31872

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Guitar Instructional DVD - Follow the most innovative method

By Milton Jones

Everyone has a favorite band or genre and this should be sued for your first few lessons to help you develop. If you enjoy blues music then blues guitar lessons should hopefully appeal to you and allow you to learn quickly.

Similarly, electric guitar lessons may prove to be the best form of learning for any budding rock and rollers out there. All of these different styles are all just variations of guitar playing but picking one that is close to your heart may allow you to learn faster.

That said, any beginner is recommended to examine popular guitar tabs and improving from there. There is a lot that can be learned from playing simple styles of music and it offers a strong base to develop from. Many people like to keep their easy guitar tabs for beginners as a way of remembering where they came from.

Many of the worlds best guitarists have started from such humble beginnings and you should never overlook getting the basics right. This means that easy guitar tabs for beginners can be a great place to start your development.

We are always interested to hear comment and feedback from our readers so if you have any stories, ideas or tips about learning to play guitar, please let us know. Whether you are a solo artist or you play in a band, tell us how you learned and what you think worked best for you.

Although many teachers and other guitarists may try to tell you to play a strict style, you can gain from trying different styles and methods. You may wish to broaden your skills through blues guitar lessons if that is something you would not normally play.

Equally, many people choose to try electric guitar lessons if it is not their usual method of playing. Anything which can teach you new things and enable you to strengthen skills is worthwhile trying and will hopefully enable you to become a better guitar player.

Although there are many intricacies involved with guitar playing, it is possible to use easy guitar tabs for beginners and still learn a lot about the instrument. If you want to become a great guitarist then you should never stop learning new skills. - 31872

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Guitar Instruction DVD - Wide Variety of Instructional DVDs

By Rich H Osborn

It's not enough knowing how to play guitar, you should be seeking to further these skills and talents along the way. You may like one style of music when you start learning an instrument but you may become introduced to others over time.

This means a few years down the line that blues guitar lessons would be of interest or perhaps electric guitar lessons may be more appealing. Human beings constantly evolve and develop and your musical preferences may do the same. Always try and keep an open mind with regards to new styles and skills.

Although many teachers and other guitarists may try to tell you to play a strict style, you can gain from trying different styles and methods. You may wish to broaden your skills through blues guitar lessons if that is something you would not normally play.

With major artists selling millions of records and playing to thousands of people each year, is it any wonder the amount of people wanting to take electric guitar lessons? Playing guitar is a great way to have fun but you may have noticed many bands have two guitarists.

There is commonly a rhythm guitarist and a lead guitarist and they both play differently. If you want to be a rhythm guitarist you may want to learn how to play guitar chords as these will help you immensely. Alternatively, you may wish to study how to play lead guitar if that is more appealing to you.

A lead guitarist may get more attention from people because they do the flashier sounds and moves but both guitarists are a vital part of any band. A rhythm guitarist provides the platform for the other musicians to weave over the top and is a strong component of any number of bands.

It may not work for everyone but being aware of your development can be a useful guide to your own sense of development. No matter how great a guitar you are, there is always likely to be scope for improvement and you should never stop developing.

Many people are considering online guitar lessons as a way of learning the skills and techniques they require to be in a band or to play along others. There is no doubt that electric guitar lessons are a necessary requirement for anyone wishing to be in a band and learning online can be interesting and fun. - 31872

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Checking Out Guitar Lesson DVDs

By Eli Terry

If you're like me, you always wanted to learn to play guitar, but never really got around to it. Unfortunately, time was never set aside to become the next Slash, but it's never too late to pick up a new hobby

A DVD is great for taking guitar lessons because it can show you visually where to place your fingers and how to play the way you want to when you strum or practice note changes.

You're never too old to take guitar lessons. You can always find yourself a good teacher, as there are plenty of musicians who want to share their gift and make some extra money helping others to play.

With all the business in our day and age, it can be difficult to have time for simple hobbies. This is why DVD guitar lessons are so convenient.

Furthermore, guitar lessons on DVD consist not only of tutorial videos, but also you will get a book with the most important topics and pictures enhancing learning. Additionally, you will get a few songs, easy to play for the beginning. The lessons are led and commented by a guitar expert.

Because of the fact that every person has its own way of learning, the lessons on DVD are designed are a combination of watching and practicing, so that everybody gains more experience.

When you play the guitar, you not only obtain new skills, but also develop a new hobby and relaxing techniques. After finishing the lessons you can show your skills to your friends and relatives.

The DVD will only teach you the basics, so how you grow as a guitar player is left in your hands. No matter what option you choose, you have to remember that it's not going to happen magically overnight. The greatest teacher in the world isn't going to teach you, if you are not going to work. - 31872

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How Can You Learn Guitar Fast?

By Eric Stein

At some point every guitarist wants to know what the secret is to learning guitar fast. There is no magic potion, but there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

Before I start, let me say this, I just turned 29 years old, and for years I have not only studied guitar, but also personal development. Read about Personal Development on Wikipedia to learn more.

In essence, personal development is the study of goals and achievement. It involved setting goals, creating plans to achieve them and learning to be happy with your accomplishments and keep striving for higher goals.

The same ideas and concepts also work with the guitar. You need to know what you want to achieve, set a goal, make a plan to achieve the goal and then take action to accomplish it.

You have done this even if you don't know it, even getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth is a goal that you accomplish everyday, without even trying, maybe you even used goals to get that guitar you always dreamed of.

You probably figured out now that you can use this while learning to play fast on the guitar, soon you can introduce it to all your other guitar techniques like shredding, scales and tapping.

Alright, lets get down to it! We need a goal, play guitar fast, ok, that is good, but not specific enough, we need to choose a pattern we want to play fast, so pick a 3 note per string pattern on the B and E string and lets focus on that, like this:

---------4-5-7-------------- E

-4-5-7---------------------- B

Now, we need a real achievable goal, lets say we want to play at 80BMP, so set your metronome and on every click, pick a new string. Use down up down, up down up picking for this one.

If 80 BMP is too tough, slow it down to where you are comfortable and can do it nice with no mistakes, sounding perfect.

Once you can do it at a slow pace, just keep doing it, until you are totally sick of it, just keep doing it, we are training our muscles the exact motions at a slow vibration level. Once our body adapts to this speed, we can then increase the BPM on our metronome a few clicks, and again do it perfectly for a long time, like 5 minutes. Set your goal to get up to 120BMP. I bet you within a short time, maybe 20-30 minutes you can be there, depending on your skill level.

You can probably shred that lick by now and can impress your friends with your new speed chop, so go find some new riffs and apply your new speed learning method, remember, start slow, stay slow, slowly get faster, set a goal that is just on the edge of impossible and don't stop playing until you can rock it at the speed you set.

We grow on our successes, so make sure you set goals that you can easily achieve, then inch by inch increase the difficulty and reach.

Some goals may be on the edge of really difficult, if they are too challenging, then stop for a little and try again in a few minutes, some things you may have to work on for weeks, to get them good, just start slow and start where you stopped last time, and keep going faster.

I really hope that this helped you realize the secret of how to play guitar fast. You can learn guitar fast, just be patient.

As Bruce Lee said, "Faith is a state of mind that can be conditioned through self-discipline. Faith will accomplish. - 31872

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